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Thursday5:00 PM — 9:00 PM
Friday5:00 PM — 9:00 PM
Saturday12:00 PM — 9:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM — 3:00 PM

A Family Pizza Restaurant In Belton, TX

Welcome to Fire Street Pizza

How do you create unforgettable Napolitano pizza right here in Belton, TX? Easy, just add fire!

We've taken the concept of local pizza to the extreme with our Neapolitan-style, thin crust pizza baked in a blistering-hot, live-oak wood-fired pizza oven. The result is a crisp and lightly chewy crust with a hint of smoke which allows the full flavor of the pizza to jump off of the plate!

Great-tasting pizza always goes a long way when you want to treat a host of family and friends. We’re proud to serve customers from Temple, Belton, Nolanville, Harker Heights, and Killeen, but we’ve found people making the pilgrimage from hours away to enjoy the pizza revolution!

Quality Pizza, FRESH Ingredients

Our pizzas are cooked with locally-sourced live-oak and we use fresh vegetables taken from our own on-site greenhouse whenever possible to ensure the freshest toppings and sauces. Our traditional Neopolitan crust is cold proofed for 3 full days on site before being perfectly baked in a wood-fired oven at 900 degrees Fahrenheit, and hand stretched to perfection.

You have to try one of our signature hand-crafted pizzas such as the "My Sharoni", "Brooklyn", "Roman", "California Dreamin", and "Jabberwocky" among many others. Kick up the flavor by adding some of our specialty toppings such as fennel sausage, prosciutto, tequila-grilled steak, goat cheese, burgundy marinated mushrooms, and many more!

In addition to our signature pizzas, start off your visit with our Asiago garlic bread, grilled salads, or our signature Splodin' Smores. To top off that perfect meal, you'll find that a cold draft pint of local Texas craft beer and hand-selected wine by the glass is the perfect complement to fired-up pizza! 

A place for family and friends

We're the perfect place to bring the whole family to enjoy good times. Stay a while and take in a game of tetherball, Connect Four, ladder golf, or corn hole while the kids have loads of fun on our on-site playground. We also feature live music and quality entertainment on a regular basis. (Check our schedule of events here)

Large pizza chains cannot compete with the flavor & freshness of a fire-infused pizza with a local and fresh ingredient offerings. Make your next stop Fire Street Pizza & Bar where the food is hot, the drinks are cold, and the good times never stop. Call (512) 910-4676 or stop in today!

Who Are We? 

Founded in 2017 by Jason & Alis Brumbalow, Fire Street Pizza started as a wood-fired oven in our backyard and soon evolved into Central Texas’ premiere wood-fired food truck. With the success of the truck, we decided to launch our dream of a destination restaurant featuring exceptional wood-fired pizza, Texas craft beer & wines, great music, yard games and good times. That’s what Fire Street is all about. We invite you to join us and relax as we strive to create a fun, inviting experience for everyone. We believe in good pizza, so, let’s fire one up!


Based on 2768 reviews
Lisa Copeland
Lisa C.
20:45 03 Oct 23
Great place good food - the long lines to order are a bit unnerving but overall great
Julie Staley
Julie S.
02:09 27 Sep 23
I came for Trivia the other night and it was so much fun. The music was great. The pizza is always delicious 😋 and the DJ was on point!
Lindsi Paul
Lindsi P.
02:31 23 Sep 23
We always go for trivia nights with KG Entertainment. So much fun! Food is always great and the place is just so cool. A full area for kids to run around and play makes it all the better. 10/10
Randi Gustafson
Randi G.
19:56 10 Sep 23
Fire Street is a diamond at the lake. The pizza was amazing, our bartender Carson was incredibly attentive and great to talk to, the atmosphere was unbeatable and the yard games were just awesome. Cannot wait to come back and cannot recommend enough to visit for pizza, beer, and a great time.
Kerry Campbell
Kerry C.
17:33 10 Sep 23
Amazing place. Delicious pizza and fun atmosphere. Very family friendly.
Rudy “Dragon Sailor” Miranda
Rudy “Dragon Sailor” M.
18:40 09 Sep 23
Pizza was delicious, drinks etc... They should get rid of the red wasps that made a home in the eaves and ceiling of the kids slide tree house.
Jasmyn Kristina
Jasmyn K.
18:58 26 Aug 23
We’ve always loved this place! Love it when they have trivia and bands playing on stage. Love their outside area- there are shady areas to eat. When it’s really hot out, we go on Saturdays at 12pm so we can get a seat inside where it’s cooler and when it’s less crowded. All of their pizzas are great! Whatever pizza we get, we get it with Cauliflower Crust and it’s amazing!!! You won’t regret their cauliflower crust!! SopaPizza is our preferred sweet, as it’s less of a mess than the S’mores. White Rabbit, Buffalo or a plain Quattro- you can not go wrong with any of their pizzas. Fountain drinks are free refills which is perfect when the kids are playing outside and running around. This is a great place to go with family, for a hail and farewell, or a date.
Mornin WOOD
Mornin W.
02:58 22 Aug 23
Best pizza place in Texas by far
Kristin Picton
Kristin P.
11:34 21 Aug 23
This place is by far one of the best pizza places I have ever had. The atmosphere definitely is wonderful and gives off welcome home family vibes. Some nights they have music playing outside and they have games as well, console, tether ball, and more. Don't miss this nice little place!
Selina 159
Selina 1.
22:52 19 Aug 23
Pizza is the best.
Thomas M
Thomas M
16:31 18 Aug 23
Good food 😁😀
Thomas “ARmourer76” Lastname
Thomas “ARmourer76” L.
13:44 16 Aug 23
It was Central Texas hot outside but with the misting fans, it was pretty cool. The whole atmosphere was really cool and my kids love going there. Pizza was amazing. We accidentally messed up our order and thought we had ordered breadsticks and we hadn’t. The server basically said it must have been his fault and not to worry he’d get right on it. Once we figured it out, I apologized and thanked him (big tip). This will definitely be a repeat for us.
Paul Harvey
Paul H.
16:31 11 Aug 23
The fact that this place has only a 4.7 average rating just means that some customers can not be pleased no matter what you do.Most restaurants fail on so many different levels it's a real wonder that any of them stay in business.1) Food starts out good before anything is ever done to it. So if I get a bad meal, I figure the chef must be in the wrong business. He must have to work extra hard to take the goodness out of food and make it taste bad2) A smile costs absolutely nothing and a friendly attitude usually comes with the smile at no extra cost. So I'm never quite sure why I get bad service in an industry where they live off their tips. Go figure!So I'm extra excited to leave this 5-star review for Fire Street Pizza. They hit the bullseye on both the Food & the Service Targets. I was almost ready to give up on dining out alltogether until I discovered Fire Street PizzaPros:1) Wood Fired Oven2) Chefs know their business3) Owners & staff LIKE to work there. They enjoy their jobs4) Patio dining w/entertainment5) Pizza with Beer is better than Pizza without Beer - Thank the heavens they found a way to have Beer!Cons:1) I get hungry everytime I think of this place.
Roger Lizotte
Roger L.
11:42 07 Aug 23
Overall experience, staff was amazing ,even though they were pretty busy ...they found time to chat ...The owner and his wife were out there working as well .And as for the pizza ....well it's speaks volumes....best pizza I have had in the state of Texas
Lester Callegari Jr
Lester Callegari J.
05:01 06 Aug 23
Great atmosphere for gathering with friends and family while enjoying great food and music!
Ted S.
Ted S.
18:28 05 Aug 23
First visit to Fire Street and I know for sure we'll be back. Walked in the door and was kinda concerned about the length of the line to order but decided...
angela mariie
angela M.
19:32 04 Aug 23
My husband and I would always pass this place with out knowing what it was or what was being sold to be honest lol. Well to my surprise my husband was invited from owner to come check the place out and let me start by saying all employees are very respectful, very welcoming. The manager was awesome and very helpful into helping us go thru the menu since it was first time going. My daughters got the quattro my husband got the jabberwocky with jalapenos and I had the brooklyn, all i have to say is we did not leave anything on that plate food and service was amazing! Once we finished eating we went outside and enjoyed a nice cold beer and a glass of wine while my daughters were playing. Would we be coming here again? Absolutely!
Jeffrey Rusco
Jeffrey R.
18:22 04 Aug 23
the staff are friendly and greet you when you walk in. The food is good, and I love that they use a wood-fired brick oven. The only downside is that there is no Wi-Fi, and the data signal is spotty.
Michael Hanna
Michael H.
05:49 04 Aug 23
Had a great night out with the family. Pizza was delicious, kiddo made friends and had something to do the entire time. The night was further enhanced by trivia night.
Ben Pamplin
Ben P.
03:25 04 Aug 23
They went above and beyond to get us taken of. We love their pizza and service. Thanks, Jonas!
Stephen Fisher
Stephen F.
11:42 01 Aug 23
Pretty neat place! Pizza options were very good. Nice atmosphere, little noisy but to be expected. Outside music, plenty of room for the kids to run and play.
Deborah P.
Deborah P.
10:55 30 Jul 23
Okay, so this place is both an inside and outside dining experience on its own. The area is a big playground for the kids with games and climbing gyms for...
Nancy Nance
Nancy N.
05:17 30 Jul 23
Food was ok. Drinks all tasted like water. Guess machine ran out of syrup.Great to hang out with family. Outside activities were great for the kids and adults. Outside patio with water mist is awesome idea. Kept us kind of cool.Prices were ok also.Service dogs allowedParking was great.
Eshaunte' Williams
Eshaunte' W.
14:19 25 Jul 23
This spot is dope!! They have live music, they have games to play, they have art, they have drinks, and they have a play place for kids. The pizza is good too and the price isn’t bad. Definitely a must try for a date or even a large group
Natasha Kellogg
Natasha K.
03:50 25 Jul 23
Fun atmosphere. The live music was awesome! The drinks were fantastic and the pizza was wonderful. You really can't go wrong with any of them.
Troy Welch
Troy W.
12:50 24 Jul 23
My Lady and I enjoy our time here, and look forward to the upbeat, family atmosphere. Mainly an outside venue for local live music. They do their best to keep you cool, even when the weather isn't.
Ash Kiddo Small
Ash Kiddo S.
23:11 16 Jul 23
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Bruce Kiskaddon
Bruce K.
23:04 16 Jul 23
Food and service exceptional. Owners very nice and friendly.Pizza varieties a bit scarce. Seems most of their pizzas are thin-crusts which seem to get over-done in a hurry in a wood-fired oven. A thicker crust would be more to my liking but what they serve is certainly acceptable.Downgraded one star for atmosphere because it's family style seating at large picnic type tables with only a few exceptions. And it's as noisy as a beer hall in Berlin during Octoberfest. Not condusive to good digestion. Having a good meal and having a good time do not necessarily need to equate to having a "Party."A couple of positive concepts are employed here. First, they do not share their WiFi password with customers which keeps people engaged with each other on a personal level instead of texting msgs across the table. Next, they keep their operating hours to a reasonalbe time and don't allow late night drinking and rowdiness. It's a pizza parlour not a pub. That's a plus in my book.Lastly, they avoid a plethora of TV screens plastered around the room. Just a couple of monitors which do not broadcast the ESPN or Judge Judy...but instead run a self-promoting video loop for the restaurant. So hats off to the owners for the extra concern on this subject.
Festus Haggen II Esq.
Festus Haggen II E.
16:32 11 Jul 23
The prettiest women and the friendliest people you'll ever meet... I wish that was my line but it is no less true at Fire Street Pizza.Our first time there - drive by/stumble in but boy what a pleasant surprise. We were greeted at the door by Alis, the owner who gave us a quick lowdown and a hearty welcome. Sincerity was obvious as was the fact that she truely wanted to be there, was enjoying her day and was glad to meet us - like we were long lost friends. At this point we didn't know she was the owner but I was sure impressed with her courtesy. Later she stopped by our table to check on us and from the conversation, I surmised she might be an owner so I asked and then she also introduced us to her husband and son who were also working on a Sunday and all of them had the same positive attitude. What a delight.We ordered the Brooklyn (pepperoni & sausage) pizza, a local beer and a soft drink and the total bill was still under 20 bucks - another pleasant surprise.We will definately return to try other pizzas and even more importantly, we will be looking forward to our next visit. Not something we can or will say about too many places. This one is exceptional.Thanks ya'll !!!
14:39 11 Jul 23
Away from the suburbs vibe, it has that atmosphere of just “Relax” eat some awesome tasting pizzas, and do you want your little critters to burn their energies, they have an outdoor playground, live music at night during weekdays and special holidays
Alexis Smith
Alexis S.
20:45 09 Jul 23
Nice little place, stuff for the kids to do while you wait for your pizza, so that's a plus. Pizza was out super quick for it being so busy. We'll be back.
Daniel P.
Daniel P.
11:50 11 Jun 23
Amazing pizza. Great positive vibes, amazing employees. They work with such a fast pace. But the vibes..vibes are different here. It's just a place you...
Emily S.
Emily S.
06:30 09 Jun 23
Love the pizza and atmosphere! The workers are always nice and very helpful. Just attended trivia night for the first time and will definitely be back for it!
Diana R.
Diana R.
17:01 06 Jun 23
Always a GREAT place to have fun with family and friends and eat so good Pizza! I enjoy the entertainment provided!!! Always Great Times!!!
Kimberly M.
Kimberly M.
08:25 29 May 23
Great atmosphere. Ample parking. Yummy Caesar salad - also able to get it grilled - be sure to specify! Unique and delicious pizza combinations. Pizza came...
Chaston R.
Chaston R.
20:29 09 May 23
Great for the family and awesome pizza highly recommend the California dreamin pizza!
Tony P.
Tony P.
17:12 23 Apr 23
I recently visited this place and I must say, it was amazing! The restaurant had plenty of tables and space, with lots of fun things for kids to play with...
Libangan ni aling Glenda
Libangan ni aling G.
03:21 16 Apr 23
Love the place it’s nice to relax and unwind
Jennifer M.
Jennifer M.
16:53 14 Apr 23
This was our first time here and we absolutely loved it all. The food was delicious and the ambiance was everything we hoped it would be. We came on a...
Katie S.
Katie S.
11:07 11 Apr 23
Yes!! Fire Street is one of those must do's in the Killeen-Temple area. It is a little off the highway on 439, but worth it! Their pizza is delicious. A...
Stanley May
Stanley M.
00:49 04 Apr 23
Great pizza, good music and good pevo. Long lines could easily be eliminated if the cashier didn't try to make ordering pizza and beverage a 10 minute conversation (literally).
Ana M.
Ana M.
20:56 01 Apr 23
This place had a great ambiance at night with the lights outside and live music! Perfect place for a pizza date night! Or if you wanna have a family fun...
Lisa W.
Lisa W.
17:13 13 Mar 23
The entire establishment from when you walk up to order your food and get a beer you are greater with a smile. The employees are very friendly and are...
Cynthia H.
Cynthia H.
12:11 08 Mar 23
Excellent pizza, great ambiance, great service Get there early it gets busy very quickly
Sarah L.
Sarah L.
13:01 05 Mar 23
Staff is always really friendly and helpful. Thursday night trivia is always fun and you get a chance to win some cool swag. The pizza is the best in the...
Tana B.
Tana B.
20:39 03 Mar 23
Fun atmosphere. There is quite a wait after you order. Food is good but all pizzas are thin crust.
Yasser M.
Yasser M.
19:38 28 Jan 23
Soooooooo delicious! I love the pizza here, though I do think the wait is just a little too long. Atmosphere is very nice and drinks were good too.
Koke Z.
Koke Z.
14:32 25 Dec 22
Great pizza great live entertainment. If you haven't been plan a night out for it. YouWon't be disappointed.
Nancy Glasscock
Nancy G.
02:06 16 Dec 22
Great atmosphere, awesome pizza, attentive staff, warm patio & cold yummy beer! Merry Christmas! 🎄
Nicholas Hannes
Nicholas H.
00:50 19 Nov 22
The best pizza in the Killeen area!
Steven West
Steven W.
00:10 19 Nov 22
Great place and looking forward to many more visits
Willard H.
Willard H.
06:42 13 Nov 22
Awesome pizza and atmosphere. Good service with plenty of outdoor seating. Definitely worth the short drive from Ft. Hood.
Amanda G.
Amanda G.
12:21 07 Nov 22
Great food and wonderful atmosphere! The service is always amazing as is the food!!!!
Sherri A.
Sherri A.
21:55 27 Oct 22
Customer service is great as well as the pizza's and cold beer. I like my pizza cooked extra crispy and light on the cheese and they accommodated me every...
Melanie Suzy Tindell
Melanie Suzy T.
01:49 23 Oct 22
Love the live music but not the hour long waits to order
Sabrina Rickert
Sabrina R.
23:46 16 Oct 22
Always yummy food and great service!
Ritchie Rickert
Ritchie R.
23:44 16 Oct 22
Great pizza! Love music and a really great and friendly atmosphere. Activities for kids are awesome to wear them down before you head home.
Mike S.
Mike S.
12:22 09 Oct 22
We have lived in the area for 2 years. Last week, we decided to stop in for some Fire Street pizza for the first time. The atmosphere was great and the...
Justin C.
Justin C.
13:16 03 Oct 22
Been going to Fire Street Pizza for a few years now and finally thought it was time to write a review. The customer service is always good and the young...
-Midnight_ B.
-Midnight_ B.
11:30 29 Sep 22
Food is great and there's a few things for kids to do. Only gripe is when they fertilize around the area...
Yamil A.
Yamil A.
17:20 17 Sep 22
The hidden gem of pizzas! The pizzas here are always incredible and the beers are the best. Also you can't beat such a fun restaurant with plenty of games...
Chad H.
Chad H.
06:46 10 Sep 22
While visiting, we decided this looked like a cool place. We weren't disappointed. The atmosphere and ambience of this place is very nice. Live music, cold...
Laura R.
Laura R.
00:46 05 Sep 22
I love Fire Street Pizza! They are family friendly, reasonably priced, great ambiance, great pizzas. Good for groups too. I highly recommend it!
Beth McAvoy
Beth M.
01:21 03 Sep 22
Fast Pizza in a fun setting
Alyson K.
Alyson K.
15:51 28 Aug 22
Had our first of many visits here earlier today. I knew it was a special place right as we were driving into the parking lot. Great family spot. The pizza...
Ana Ortiz
Ana O.
02:57 28 Aug 22
Best to use Waitr app to get pizza quicker Versus waiting in line.
Jenn McCrory
Jenn M.
23:33 19 Aug 22
We always have a great meal at Fire Street! Best pizza around!
Kathy Nickle
Kathy N.
00:35 13 Aug 22
I am from Illinois here visiting my daughter I love wood fired pizza and this is the best I have ever tasted. the atmosphere is so much fun with mason jar lighting and lots of rustic touches.
Aaron R.
Aaron R.
00:13 10 Aug 22
Stopped first time on Saturday after the Bell County Comic Con, kids were hungry and tired. Bravo, my kids loved the pizza and the youngest ones are very...
FoodMakes M.
FoodMakes M.
20:48 07 Aug 22
Extremely quick service. Tried two pizzas and enjoyed both. The White Rabbit and Rocknrolla. Both weren't lacking in ingredients or flavor. They had a truly...
Darnell J.
Darnell J.
16:30 30 Jul 22
Wife and I visited for the first time 30July... Staff welcomed us as we entered, helped us with menu suggestions, and made the new experience fun! THE....
Sarah Tachias
Sarah T.
14:05 30 Jul 22
The BEST pizza in the area!!! Awesome outdoor seating and play area for kids, live music on weekends, a great bar, and delicious pizza! One of our favorite spots in town!
Gina C.
Gina C.
06:04 28 Jul 22
Great family fun and surprisingly delicious salads to go with those outstanding pizzas! Worth the ridiculously long wait.
Dylan Thompson
Dylan T.
19:09 24 Jul 22
Amazing pizza, great music wonderful atmosphere. A great stop on the way home from the lake or work.
Iser Isenathi Mniser
Iser Isenathi M.
22:10 16 Jul 22
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Korey Reeder
Korey R.
02:13 15 Jul 22
Great place. Great atmosphere
Tara Miller Sincleair
Tara Miller S.
00:31 15 Jul 22
Visiting family from Montana. Delicious pizza and fun atmosphere. Highly recommend if you’re in the area or visiting.
Jennifer De Los Santos
Jennifer De Los S.
15:43 09 Jul 22
Our first time there and it was great definitely going back again. Great food and great atmosphere.
V K.
V K.
19:14 22 Jun 22
Great staff here! Food must be FANTASTIC since I get orders to deliver food from here all the time ")
Kenneth L.
Kenneth L.
12:51 18 Jun 22
Looking for a fun pizza place for the whole family or a group of friends? This is the place to go. By the way, the pizza is really good too. My favorite is...
Esaie Kisasya
Esaie K.
13:00 14 Jun 22
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Austin H.
Austin H.
11:30 14 Jun 22
Amazing pizza and they god some good beer on tap. It's always packed when I go there but for good reason. By far my favorite pizza in the area, I don't even...
Beka Moore
Beka M.
04:02 12 Jun 22
One of the best pizza places you can go in Central Texas. All pizza and salads are worthy for one person… yeah that’s right, SPLURGE. I’m tiny and can eat a whole pizza to myself. It’s great! Their Balsamic and Ranch dressing are amazing. If your allergic to pine nuts, don’t eat their ranch. If you love good lemonade, try out their Basil Pear Lemonade… you won’t regret it. Bringing the family in or your friends for a visit, playing games, enjoying food and music totally encompasses everything that this place is about. Lay down your phone and enjoy your time and company. It’s the best place to go escape here in Central Texas. Eat, Drink, & Be Merry! Just remember to bring your drivers license if you’re drinking adult beverages (beer, wine, champagne) because they’re a private club and have to scan it. Overall for taste, atmosphere, and cleanliness I’d give this place a 15 out of 10.
Cindy W.
Cindy W.
14:59 24 May 22
Great pizza and fun atmosphere! Be prepared to wait but it is worth it. Will be back!
Carla Briggs
Carla B.
16:19 21 May 22
First time to check it out and I loved it!! I am not normally a pizza lover, but the pizzas were incredible, as were the grilled salads! Fun atmosphere, cozy/comfy seating, wonderful staff and service, and the band/music was great! Definitely adding this place to my favorites list, and planning to visit often!!
Michala M.
Michala M.
07:12 17 May 22
this place has to be the best pizza i've had in a very long time. Coming from Illinois and eating chicago style pizza as well as Monicals pizza, we've found...
Andrea Hart
Andrea H.
04:08 15 May 22
I have never come there and not enjoy myself. The pizza, I love it. The customer service is always polite and courteous. Thank you for being there and having fantabulous live music.
Francisco Luis Blanco
Francisco Luis B.
01:17 15 May 22
Great pizza 🍕 I love this place!
Kathy Kindred
Kathy K.
19:16 07 May 22
Our first time here and the staff is very friendly. We enjoyed sitting outside under the misters. A very pleasant atmosphere. looking forward to visiting again!
Mary Quintana
Mary Q.
03:17 01 May 22
Great pizza.. GREAT atmosphere.. Definitely recommend
Charles Hardgrave
Charles H.
19:42 23 Apr 22
Best taste ever. Wood fired oven and sauce are marvelous.
Gayle Hardgrave
Gayle H.
19:31 23 Apr 22
Pizza was awesome!!! Nice outdoor area.
Damanda F Duell
Damanda F D.
03:33 17 Apr 22
awesome 🍕, great staff, good music , completely affordable 5 star
Nicholas Mattson
Nicholas M.
18:15 16 Apr 22
Awesome Food, Great Waitstaff, ALL AROUND PERFECT PLACE.
Glenn Lefebvre
Glenn L.
16:08 16 Apr 22
Son got married and we all went there after great pizza and music would highly recommend fun for entire family
Dârth Brööks
Dârth B.
03:57 16 Apr 22
This place is amazing and I love coming here. The staff is always super friendly, the food is incredible, and there’s always something happening. 10/10
Adam S.
Adam S.
17:14 18 Mar 22
The pizza is adequate. The atmosphere is great, especially if you have kids. Be prepared to stand in line to order for 30-60 min. We pulled up at 5pm and...
Resolve-Joseph S.
Resolve-Joseph S.
16:02 14 Mar 22
Best Pizza in the area, but others know that too. Show up and grab a beer and expect a little bit of a wait but it's worth it!
Pamela Rae Dean
Pamela Rae D.
12:54 11 Mar 22
Great pizza, cool vibes, trivia was fun!
Zonte Pendergrass
Zonte P.
01:12 11 Mar 22
Amazing pizza, great vibe
Nickie A. JoDcee
Nickie A. J.
21:01 06 Mar 22
First time here. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was great. Prices were really reasonable and the drinks were local and delicious. What isn’t there to love. Will definitely be back.
Carrie Blanton Obarr
Carrie Blanton O.
06:06 06 Mar 22
Outstanding customer service, amazing food and great drinks. The hibiscus mimosa is delish. Live music and all the games is pure entertainment for the whole family!
Gretchen Mcwhorter
Gretchen M.
01:42 20 Feb 22
This place is awesome!!! Fun for the whole family and even for couples to. The food is to die for!
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa W.
22:45 19 Feb 22
Super friendly staff, EXCELLENT pizza and awesome atmosphere. Motorcycle friendly. Will definitely be back soon!
Eva Maria T.
Eva Maria T.
18:53 22 Jan 22
Great venue, fantastic pizzas, family friendly, live music and very welcoming employees. The only reason I give four stars instead of five is they need a...
Heather Cunningham
Heather C.
18:11 17 Jan 22
Really enjoyed our first visit Saturday. Good pizza, beer, music, and super friendly crew. Will definately be back, and cant wait to play outside when it warms up.
Jessica C.
Jessica C.
11:14 02 Jan 22
Super fun place with great pizza! Flavors are amazing and we come from a very pizza saturated market. We all love the outdoor game area. I love that they...
Carmen O.
Carmen O.
19:59 30 Dec 21
This is like the best pizza ever! We come here weekly. Good beer, live music and fun things for the kids to do such as games and playground. The pizza never...
Kym B.
Kym B.
17:17 22 Dec 21
We had a long line when we showed up, but it was totally worth it! When we did order it came out super fast, and staff was very friendly! Great atmosphere...
Thomas Fox
Thomas F.
01:57 27 Nov 21
Always a good experience when I’m here
Tanja Calder
Tanja C.
18:47 07 Nov 21
Excellent place for fun and food
Jerome M.
Jerome M.
12:30 06 Nov 21
Felt like having good eats and a different experience. This place did an Amazingly Awesome Job at fulfilling that. Had the Jaberwalky pizza, Cesar salad,...
Peter Sulzona
Peter S.
01:24 06 Nov 21
Great pizza, drinks and all around best time in town!
Anali Vazquez
Anali V.
01:56 22 Oct 21
We love trivia night we come every other Thursday my husband appreciated the bar tender knowing him by name
Tiffany N.
Tiffany N.
19:27 18 Oct 21
Really good pizza with a family friendly environment. Expect a long wait to order but if you are up for a extended dinner time wait there are activities...
Denise Savens
Denise S.
13:48 09 Oct 21
First time and the weather was perfect for this place. Liked the live music and the kids loved the playground. They are doing it right!
Rob Fitzgerald
Rob F.
02:39 08 Oct 21
Our first time there. It was trivia night and we got 8/10 and felt like we were doing good but alas, we got 9th place. Good beer and good pizza so no complaints. Looking forward to visiting again!
Charles A.
Charles A.
10:24 24 Sep 21
Much like you don't get great seafood away from the coast you don't get great pizza away from New York City. Fire street pizza is very far from New York...
Zackary Vroom
Zackary V.
19:28 19 Sep 21
Love this place. Awesome atmosphere!!!!
Traci Beeler
Traci B.
03:29 19 Sep 21
Wonderful place with great staff and great atmosphere.. the food is off the chain and a local adult beverages!
Jami Rene Smith
Jami Rene S.
02:33 17 Sep 21
Super fun, great atmosphere!!
Rosie Espinosa
Rosie E.
23:42 29 Aug 21
Pizza and salads were delicious! all the outdoor activities were great entertainment for kids and adults. we will definitely be going back!
Denise DeYoung Cloud
Denise DeYoung C.
02:30 15 Aug 21
Great live music old rock’n roll
Limarie Pereira Bernhard
Limarie Pereira B.
14:56 01 Aug 21
I love it here. Now keto crust
Lawrence Mack McCullar
Lawrence Mack M.
20:50 25 Jul 21
from the pizza to the taps, greet served via Becca, live music, great atmosphere!
Sherry Torok
Sherry T.
02:32 25 Jul 21
A fun environment great pizza and dessert.
Joyce Perlinger
Joyce P.
21:17 24 Jul 21
great place and good pizza for the price.
Breanna L.
Breanna L.
12:53 24 Jul 21
The pizza is delicious. The drinks are good too but the bar staff is meh. The way they have their ordering set up is kind of ridiculous. It's one cashier...
Heather Roden
Heather R.
01:30 10 Jul 21
Always great food and great live music!!
Jorge G.
Jorge G.
14:54 26 Jun 21
I am new to the area and this place was recommended to me by a ton of colleagues. In short: Amazing pizza. Good flavor combinations - especially The Roman....
Daniel S.
Daniel S.
14:49 25 Jun 21
Best pizza in Bell County hands down. We have tried so many pizza places in this county and this one has the best quality food and atmosphere. After living...
Vinyl J.
Vinyl J.
19:52 21 Jun 21
Excellent venue, a hidden gem in Temple Texas. Who would've thought it? Excellent pizza, great beer and nice inside and outside ambience.Play music on...
Agnerys Santiago
Agnerys S.
22:04 13 Jun 21
Todo es rico 😋 el ambiente, lugar, las atenciones y obvio las pizzas 🍕 son espectaculares lo recomiendo 💯 % .
Sherry Davila
Sherry D.
02:23 13 Jun 21
Pizza, service and atmosphere are all great!
Mary McNeil Almazan
Mary McNeil A.
01:40 12 Jun 21
We love it here! Pizza is delicious. And our kids love the games and play area.
Hannah F.
Hannah F.
08:26 09 Jun 21
Worth the splurge because it is delicious. I've tried multiple pizzas but always go back to The Roman. SO good, and an easy place to take out of town...
Adam Martin
Adam M.
21:29 04 Jun 21
Amazing pizzas, good beer, & great atmosphere! Must go check it out!
Jené L.
Jené L.
15:51 31 May 21
Awesome venue and yummy pizza!! Went there on a chilly night but I imagine it would be great on a nice summer evening Caesar salad was pretty good too!...
Bob Wilson
Bob W.
19:20 22 May 21
Enjoyed time with family!
Xavier Ortiz
Xavier O.
02:45 22 May 21
Amazing first time experience
Ada Vergara-Ortiz
Ada V.
02:37 22 May 21
We had an amazing time with the family. Music was awesome, service was excellent and the food delicious. Definetly we are coming back. ❤️❤️
Amy Young
Amy Y.
00:51 13 May 21
Great atmosphere Get is pizza 🍕
Josselyn I. Quiñones
Josselyn I. Q.
00:20 10 May 21
First time visiting place I loved it and fast enough to be mothers day, all very kind and attentive.I hope to return soon.
Jacqueline Williams
Jacqueline W.
01:23 07 May 21
Pickle Pizza was a 10/10 🤤Staff is always so kind and welcoming 💕
Trish Wilder
Trish W.
20:52 01 May 21
Wonderful staff, great pizza and salads and music!!
Sue Phillips
Sue P.
20:25 25 Apr 21
Delicious pizza must have
Katie Marie Greever
Katie Marie G.
21:18 24 Apr 21
Great pizza and great place for the family!
Debb Garcia-Valentin
Debb G.
01:41 24 Apr 21
This place is dope, with the trivia nights and live music nights. Plus the pizza is bomb!!!
Rachael I.
Rachael I.
17:58 18 Apr 21
This place is just consistently great. What an awesome place to have in an area that is pretty devoid of culinary excitement. This is truly some of the best...
Jimmy Bop
Jimmy B.
22:57 11 Apr 21
The wait is totally worth it, grab a beer while you wait in line. Great atmosphere for kids and adults. Awesome staff, great beer, and the best pizza I have eaten in years.
Cassie Wetherell
Cassie W.
03:06 11 Apr 21
We enjoy the atmosphere at Fire Street every time we go. The live music is a huge plus. The kiddos have such a multitude of options and games to choose from. The pizza is top notch also! It does tend to take a while on the weekends, so come prepared to have a beer or glass of wine and definitely come when you are not in a hurry.
Jaclyn Howard
Jaclyn H.
12:43 09 Apr 21
Nice place to just chill and enjoy yourself. The food is a little pricey but it’s sooooo good!!
Anthony Hulsey
Anthony H.
14:51 04 Apr 21
Great place to eat and atmosphere is cool
Precious Barnes
Precious B.
23:39 03 Apr 21
Fun music, great food, fun family games
Chris Waibel
Chris W.
22:51 03 Apr 21
sòoooooooo good good bites
Larry Robinson
Larry R.
22:46 03 Apr 21
Great wood fired pizza oven. Crust is unbelievable
Gonnie Vermeulen
Gonnie V.
04:21 03 Apr 21
Great place, great pizza and live music. Also the kids had a blast playing, while we had a delicious pizza and a cold beer. We will be back soon!
Dolores Smith
Dolores S.
00:06 27 Mar 21
Fresh made to order!Delicious!
Kana Guthrie Bayer
Kana Guthrie B.
14:45 21 Mar 21
My grand babies had so much fun.
David A. Maldonado
David A. M.
02:49 21 Mar 21
food was great and atmosphere is very fun
Ana Gonzalez
Ana G.
01:58 21 Mar 21
My first time here , I live in Dallas & have to say enjoyed the atmosphere. Will be coming back for sure.
Karen Andrukates McCosham
Karen Andrukates M.
01:56 21 Mar 21
Great pizza, cold beer, live band! Great place for the kids to play!
Victor Medina
Victor M.
19:50 20 Mar 21
Great food and atmosphere.
Pattie Aponte Lofton
Pattie Aponte L.
04:44 15 Mar 21
Live music, great food, keeps kids happy.
Justo Gabriel Andaluz
Justo Gabriel A.
17:25 14 Mar 21
this is one Great place for great food and awesome service...the staff will treat you like you are their favorite cousin. Come have fun and have a great meal...fun for kids of all ages!
Polly Brooks
Polly B.
00:53 14 Mar 21
The food is amazing!!!! My friend and I meet in a Belton twice a year. This is the only restaurant we make sure to visit. Great service and atmosphere.
Pamela Green Leonard
Pamela Green L.
02:51 06 Mar 21
Chose to have my BDay Dinner here this evening. Wanted to go to a place I thought my Grandkids would enjoy. Well I have to say it EXCEEDED!! Expectations!!! Then we ordered our pizzas and waited while the kids played. Their daddy even got out and played tether ball and corn hole with them. Then the best pizza I’ve had very long came to the table ( my daughter ordered 7 for 5 adults & 2 little kids). It was Awesome. We asked for 2 boxes to take left overs home. Only one was used for 2 pieces that we just didn’t want to leave knowing it would be a great late night snack. We Can’t wait to go back!!!
Brittany Sierra Kovacs
Brittany Sierra K.
23:29 01 Mar 21
Amazing customer service — I’m visiting my best friend from NC and we arrived 30 minutes prior to close (didn’t know until we got there) the staff was so kind, we didn’t feel rushed, they weren’t rude, and the service was as if we had arrived 3 hours prior to close. Outside was so well kept, and the murals were gorgeous, not to mention the lovely staff that were so kind to help us when we needed our pictures taken. I don’t know if I’ll ever be back this way, but if I am Fire Street will definitely be on the list. I look forward to bragging about y’all when I head back to the East coast 🤙🏼 (I recommend the hibiscus mimosas, and California pizza, they were phenomenal 👌🏼)
Felicia Ann
Felicia A.
23:08 01 Mar 21
Literally everything about this place is amazing!
Desmond Cassell
Desmond C.
22:58 23 Feb 21
Great experience. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who loves pizza!
Zamora Ritza Mike
Zamora Ritza M.
02:38 07 Feb 21
Love this place 🥰 best food and drinks
Debi Mogab
Debi M.
20:54 06 Feb 21
First time visitor today. LOVED everything. Amazing pizzas. Fabulous outdoor setting. Great customer service. Moving from Cypress to Belton in March. We will be regulars here! Thanks for a great first experience.
Myisha Doyle
Myisha D.
20:35 31 Jan 21
My parents treated my sister and I to our family favorite pizza spot, Fire Street Pizza in Belton, TX. Every time we go I try a different pizza, last night I had the North Shore. A delicious pizza choice with jalapeños, pineapples, bacon and other delicious goods. Huge shoutout to Owner Jason and his beautiful family for always treating my family and I like royalty. The food is always delicious, the staff is always sweet and the atmosphere is always energetic. Checkout the awesome S’mores Cake at the bottom as well.🥰
Krista Shirley Hunt
Krista Shirley H.
06:07 31 Jan 21
Really good pizza, fun atmosphere, so much fun!
Dennis LaVergne
Dennis L.
01:22 25 Jan 21
Great place when the weather cooperates- lots to do - great music and lots of space to move around~ kinda off the beaten path but we’ll definitely go back!!!
Carl Odfalk
Carl O.
02:11 23 Jan 21
A great all around experience!
Danielle Woodward
Danielle W.
02:06 22 Jan 21
Loved it, will be back real soon!
Jennifer Jordan Maxson
Jennifer Jordan M.
03:04 17 Jan 21
Amazing food!!!! WillBe back!
Royal B.
Royal B.
19:43 25 Dec 20
Atmosphere 5Cleanliness 5Service 5Food Quality 5Price (5 low cost) 3Likelihood to return 5COVID Precautions 51-5 (5 Best!) 4.7Our second trip back....
C Gerry Pipe Fitter
C Gerry Pipe F.
01:12 21 Dec 20
Great food, beer, and great service. Nice music venue as well.
John Robert Diaz
John Robert D.
03:57 18 Dec 20
Great pizza and great service for the first time going. Definitely recommend this place for anyone. We will be back again and probably with more people too.
Judy Castillo Diaz
Judy Castillo D.
14:44 13 Dec 20
Outdoor games and live music
Carol Arteaga-Pillsbury
Carol A.
05:03 14 Nov 20
Always awesome! Love it there we go almost every Friday night!
Desiree Bonavita
Desiree B.
02:19 14 Nov 20
Very tasty salads and pizza and beer!!!!! We sat outside by the playground under this large beautiful tree and it was so nice to have a place for the kids and adults have entertainment!!!
Royal B.
Royal B.
16:26 07 Nov 20
Atmosphere 5Cleanliness 5Service 5Food 5Likelihood to return 5Covid Safety 51-5 (5 Best!) 5.0It is NOT often that I had out 5's. They are very...
Frank Minnie
Frank M.
15:56 02 Nov 20
This place is craze amaze! Atmosphere is great, food is delicious, and the people are awesome!
Natalie Nicole
Natalie N.
19:28 01 Nov 20
DELICIOUS!! We will definitely be back!!
Dani Kelley-Rubio
Dani K.
01:02 31 Oct 20
Awesome place to eat, hang out and let the kids play
Manda Moll
Manda M.
23:21 30 Oct 20
Always a great time here. Friendly staff, great pizza and yummy beer selection.
Brandy Turner Minnie
Brandy Turner M.
01:32 24 Oct 20
We come every Friday night! The atmosphere is great and welcoming!! We love Alis and Jason!!!
Shelby J. Beecher
Shelby J. B.
02:46 16 Oct 20
Busy but fairly quick service. Good pizza, good selection.Music loud but my kind of music, my Era, kind of flash back, brought back some memories... ☺️
Yelena Ramirez de R
Yelena Ramirez de R
03:56 11 Oct 20
fresh air, friendly music... friendly kids...great pizza!
Christina DiFiori Clay
Christina DiFiori C.
02:10 09 Oct 20
Tonight was our first night visiting during trivia night! We had a blast and may have to make our trips to enjoy trivia night every time. FSP it's just a great place for people of all ages! Plus their pizza is the best around!!
Angelica Rosa Adams
Angelica Rosa A.
19:45 05 Oct 20
Awesome pizza, nice and friendly staff.
Marcie Wilson
Marcie W.
16:44 02 Oct 20
First time met all the hype! delicious pizza! Great atmosphere and just perfect for the family.
Kathy Quintanilla
Kathy Q.
06:38 02 Oct 20
The highlights alot of outdoor seating and Music Trivia night! Perfect night out with the Family!
M G.
M G.
02:58 29 Sep 20
I haven't been able to go in person but when they started offering delivery I jumped at the opportunity. Pizza's are delicious and the delivery people are...
Antonio González Rivera
Antonio González R.
03:14 27 Sep 20
La pizza mega brutal y el ambiente 👍
Sandrilla S.
Sandrilla S.
15:12 20 Sep 20
One of my favorite pizza places ever!! Try "The Roman". This is a great place to go to on a nice sunny day. Lots of yard games and there's usually live...
Melissa Beckett
Melissa B.
23:16 22 Aug 20
great place! good atmosphere! great pizza!!!! def will be back
Valerie Konesheck Watkins
Valerie Konesheck W.
15:29 22 Aug 20
Awesome food, music and atmosphere!
Tracy Dorsey
Tracy D.
13:17 16 Aug 20
Great food and fun for kids!
Jaimin WilHar
Jaimin W.
03:27 15 Aug 20
We love the pizza and the atmosphere, and are so happy to see them open again and taking such great health and safety precautions!Great food, great staff, great owners... visit Fire Street and #supportlocalbusinesses!
Candace T.
Candace T.
08:05 09 Aug 20
This is one of my favorite restaurants in Central Texas. Top 3, easy. We forget to take pics every time we go because we're in such a hurry to eat the...
Ingrid Friedman
Ingrid F.
20:33 22 Jul 20
Pizza!!!!!! Love the atmosphere
Johnny Holt
Johnny H.
04:05 12 Jul 20
Great Place to chill ! Nice atmosphere with plenty of parking and the beverages here definitely quench the thirst on a HoT Texas day !
Danya Roberg
Danya R.
01:36 11 Jul 20
Amazing food!!! Amazing staff!!! Amazing live entertainment!!!
Mandy Niemeyer-Kamin
Mandy N.
03:33 10 Jul 20
Best pizza I have ever had. I live in Arizona will definitely come back when I visit again. I even got me a hat.
Henrie Monrrial
Henrie M.
00:57 29 Jun 20
Great pizza...it would be nice to have a flat surface to dance on in front of the stage
Martina Lisa McCalister
Martina Lisa M.
02:50 28 Jun 20
Great pizza!!!!! And even better atmosphere! Love this place!!
Sherrell Connor
Sherrell C.
03:05 26 Jun 20
Great food Friendly staff, definitely recommend.. We will be back 🍕🍕😋😋
Desiree Rodriguez
Desiree R.
13:43 20 Jun 20
Great food, great energy, great outside games
Kevin Pillsbury
Kevin P.
12:57 20 Jun 20
Excellent service & friendly staff
Jordanna Factor
Jordanna F.
04:16 13 Jun 20
Amazing!! A must try for sure!!
Joy Dardar
Joy D.
02:16 13 Jun 20
first time coming here. my daughter braging how good this place was.she was right. its very very good. has playground for children and adults..Pizza were excellent.. i recommended this place 110 Percent.
Julia G.
Julia G.
18:16 11 Jun 20
This is the hidden gem of the Harker Heights/Belton area. Everyone loves this place. Spend 10 minutes here, and you will figure out why.When you are using...
Rodney Jones
Rodney J.
00:06 23 May 20
Love the ambience of this place. Lots to do besides eat pizza, you can play cornhole or listen to a band!
Tonya Krei
Tonya K.
01:23 26 Apr 20
Picked it up today, told them I was coming from Copperas Cove and they made it so it would be hot and ready for me! Best Pizza we got My Sharona and the Barry White and the sopapilla desert pizza
Summer Stewart
Summer S.
02:22 25 Apr 20
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Fire Street Pizza & the family environment that they bring everytime we go! Great food, great service, great owners! As well as, the outdoor dining and play equipment for all ages! So fun!
Kevin Niederriter
Kevin N.
21:11 11 Apr 20
Great food and great atmosphere!
Emily K.
Emily K.
21:35 09 Apr 20
Fire Street Pizza is just an all-around amazing restaurant. From the atmosphere to the pizza to the desserts, you won't be disappointed.This place is a...
Kara Escajeda
Kara E.
00:05 20 Mar 20
Thanks for helping me get through the week!
Jackie Nixon
Jackie N.
01:06 15 Mar 20
Great pizza, great atmosphere, great for the whole family!
Gina Smith
Gina S.
01:50 13 Mar 20
Great atmosphere and food. Great for family gatherings.
Lacey T.
Lacey T.
15:37 10 Mar 20
This is THE place to go for relaxed, but excellent ambiance, plus a fantastic outdoor area to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Though very busy, on our...
Paul Addison Buske
Paul Addison B.
04:51 08 Mar 20
absolutely hands down the nest pizza in Central texas
Emma Ruth
Emma R.
04:10 08 Mar 20
Christopher Dale had a wonderful performance! So fun, personable and spontaneous. Engaged with the kids and adults! Thanks for the great entertainment, staff and food! I'll be back!
Ann Bloxom Pruitt
Ann Bloxom P.
00:06 08 Mar 20
We had a great time celebrating our four year old grandson’s birthday tonight! The atmosphere was awesome, the yard was even better, and the pizza was great too!!
Suzie L.
Suzie L.
20:10 07 Mar 20
We live two miles down the road from Fire Street and have been meaning to try it out for years. We finally did.We arrived at 5:30 PM on a Friday evening...
Jason Hull
Jason H.
15:06 07 Mar 20
Great place to eat some great pizza
Kandiss Thomas
Kandiss T.
22:04 06 Mar 20
Excellent pizza and a relaxed vibe. Started going more often because of trivia night on Thursdays.
Luke Piro
Luke P.
19:56 03 Mar 20
the nicest people and employees and their pizza ROCKED!!
Karla McGinnis
Karla M.
00:32 01 Mar 20
Was out of town and cheated on you at 600 Degrees. I am so sorry. Couldn’t even finish my slice. Doesn’t even compare to Fire Street!!
Lori Friddle Morgan
Lori Friddle M.
03:46 23 Feb 20
The food here is amazing!! My favorite pizza is The Roman but I tried the Pickle Pizza tonight and I was NOT disappointed!!I moved out of town a few years ago but I come home often and always stop here for my favorite pizza!!
April Crider
April C.
02:02 22 Feb 20
FireStreet made our Valentines Day Perfect!!!!
Joy Baker Graham
Joy Baker G.
03:35 17 Feb 20
We have been twice and both times we had the time of our lives!!! Both times it was birthdays for about kids and both time were perfect! Amazing food. Amazing atmosphere. Amazing entertainment! California Pizza is my husbands favorite! I love them all! Must try if you within an hour radius !!
Cory Michael Woodruff
Cory Michael W.
19:29 15 Feb 20
Awesome pizza & service! Great atmosphere
John N Mary Urrutia
John N Mary U.
00:20 15 Feb 20
Great time with family...
Stephanie Bennett Beveridge
Stephanie Bennett B.
01:53 09 Feb 20
Great food, great atmosphere and the kids loved playing outside!
Tammy Hebert
Tammy H.
14:34 02 Feb 20
After numerous times trying to get in here to eat (always so busy) we made it for daughter’s 15th bday. Loved it- food was great, atmosphere was wonderful. Had some intense games of connect 4 🤣. Only request is to get one diet soda as a drink choice. Being diabetic I was using my sugar allotment for the pizza so had to drink water. Will be back again!
Jennifer Moody
Jennifer M.
05:06 02 Feb 20
Great food. Great area for kids to run and play! Nice heaters outside to help keep you warm in the winter. kindest staff!
Victor Gonzalez
Victor G.
22:12 01 Feb 20
best pizza place in central texas... it really gives home slice in Austin a run for its money
Michelle Smart
Michelle S.
20:18 01 Feb 20
We went here for the first time today and will absolutely be back soon. staff were friendly, service was excellent, food and drinks were amazing.
Jerry Mahan
Jerry M.
02:28 25 Jan 20
Great pizza! Great place for the kids to eat and exercise afterwards.
Kara Whittington
Kara W.
22:13 29 Dec 19
My family and I stopped by today for lunch while visiting family. I must say the atmosphere is awesome as well as the pizza. We had the rocknrolla 1st and took the jabberwocky for the road home. Our kids enjoyed the food and the play area too.
Kari Kral Albanese
Kari Kral A.
21:28 28 Dec 19
The food is amazing and the atmosphere is laid back and fun for the whole family. We love to go there and eat outside. They have cool games to play outside!
Janet FaKouri
Janet F.
23:15 27 Dec 19
Always delicious and fun for the whole family!
Danny Quintanilla
Danny Q.
01:57 27 Dec 19
Great pizza and atmosphere
Marc Alan Cantlin
Marc Alan C.
01:07 21 Dec 19
Such a great place! A real gem!
Nedzad Husmira Tricic
Nedzad Husmira T.
02:42 07 Dec 19
Very nice place good Pizza ❤️👌 !!!
Juan Hernandez
Juan H.
01:40 20 Aug 18
Best tasting pizza I’ve had. Great tasting crust. Friendly staff. Great atmosphere. Lots of games for the kids to enjoy. And the most awesome music provided by great live bands. All in all greatest place around
Terry Reed
Terry R.
17:44 06 Aug 18
Great brickoven pizza
Susan Harris Cain
Susan Harris C.
03:28 06 Aug 18
My family loved our experience here! The pizzas were delicious, the staff very friendly, the atmosphere relaxed and comfortable, the live band was great, activities fun for a range of ages, and the craft beers cold and tasty. We will definitely be back. The only thing we would change? Later closing time on Friday and Saturday nights! �
Jay Cole
Jay C.
22:54 05 Aug 18
Great pizza, good service, good family environment. Nice place that adds a fresh and interesting restraunt to go to in the area. We'll definitely be coming back!
Vicki Norton Wetherbee
Vicki Norton W.
19:26 05 Aug 18
Margherita plus pepperoni - perfect.
Terri Norton Covington
Terri Norton C.
17:42 05 Aug 18
I loved the Roman with an interesting combination of ingredients. Half of the 12” was plenty but I’ll eat the whole thing next time!!!
Sandy Jones
Sandy J.
03:45 29 Jul 18
Food was excellent. Atmosphere was good. They had live music and music coming through the speakers which sounded chaotic. The wait was almost an hour after we placed our order and they told us it would be about 32 mins (but sure why 32 mins?) but it was well worth it. Would definitely go again, just maybe a little earlier or at a different time👍🏻
Gene Presta
Gene P.
00:31 29 Jul 18
We love this place. Wonderful atmosphere and food. They have a great selection of Texas craft beers. The owner and staff always make you feel welcome!
Tracy Birmingham
Tracy B.
19:29 22 Jul 18
This place is amazing. I love the atmosphere!
Brittany Campbell
Brittany C.
19:22 22 Jul 18
The atmosphere was absolutely great. After ordering we was wondering where to sit and a nice couple and there kid's waved us down to join them at there table. They were the most sweetest couple and there toddler's were friendly. My 2 year old loved playing tic-tac-toe while waiting on our pizza and socializing around like he normally does. Our pizza came out and my son was excited at that point I didn't know if he was going to take bite because he is a extremely picky. He ate more than 2 whole peices of his pizza and I was proud. I was glad he enjoyed the pizza since it was different from the rest. Such a huge hit for my little one and I for sure. We also enjoyed swinging outside, playing with other kid's, and watching "Ben Jammin" perform his live music. Thank y'all for such a great time , we will be back for sure.
Derek Donald
Derek D.
01:36 22 Jul 18
Great environment and delicious pizza.
Bryan Stephens
Bryan S.
16:45 16 Jul 18
Fantastic pizza and atmosphere!!!
Rhiannon Chavarri
Rhiannon C.
02:23 29 Jun 18
Omg! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! Staff is super friendly and the pizza is amazing. Will definitely be back!!
Angie Lewis-Geick
Angie L.
21:17 22 Jun 18
Had a great experience here. The people are the best and the food is amazing. Thank you so much!
Leslie Cavazos Drever
Leslie Cavazos D.
18:36 20 Jun 18
Loved it!
Heather Bane Heilman
Heather Bane H.
00:29 09 Jun 18
I've been to Fire Street several times and have enjoyed it each time. They have interesting types of pizza and they are all good. It's a great atmosphere with lots to do.
Isamary Banks Nieves
Isamary Banks N.
19:23 03 Jun 18
Great atmosphere, service and food. The ingredients were fresh and savory!!!! Loved every about it. It will definitely become a regular destination!
Heather Harvey Johnson
Heather Harvey J.
17:50 28 May 18
Fun place to relax and enjoy great pizza while letting the kids play.
Lezze Ana Rivero
Lezze Ana R.
05:45 27 May 18
Excellent, amazing place and the pizza 🍕 are the best 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Monika Lugo Blackwell
Monika Lugo B.
22:23 25 May 18
Went Sunday during the downpour they even let us in a few min early so we got out of the rain, it was our first time but definitely not our last pizza was delicious � had some fancy ones and some plain for the kiddos lol everyone was happy , the staff was also very friendly and had smiles for everyone good job � Firestreet pizza �
Patrick Ray
Patrick R.
19:53 21 May 18
Pizza was awesome, some of the best fire baked pizza I’ve had in several states. It was a small adventure for my family to find the location during the rain we drove in, but it added to the fun of the trip for the kids. My extremely picky son ate half of a Quattro before my Jabberwaky even made it to the table which wasn’t long at all, the candied pear basil lemonade was amazing and the butcher paper really pulls the whole “direct from farm to table” vibe together next time we are in Texas we will stop in again! Food was amazing experience was awesome!
Laura Thompson
Laura T.
13:14 20 May 18
When you think of the absolute perfect place to mix adult and kid fun, this place is it. Delicious food, adult beverages, live bands, a HUGE outdoor area with games and a fun playground. I was so impressed, will definitely be back!
CinaandAlex Mitchell
CinaandAlex M.
03:28 20 May 18
This was our first visit to Fire Street Pizza tonight, we met up with friends and had a great time. We loved the environment, very family oriented, casual ambience, the salads, wood-fired pizzas are delicious, nice bar and drinks, the live band was great as well. We'll definitely be returning...
Sara Hunt Bronson
Sara Hunt B.
02:16 07 May 18
The pizza was excellent!! The atmosphere was fantastic!! We will definitely be back!!
Suzanne Hoover
Suzanne H.
22:34 04 May 18
This place is neat, the pizza was awesome and the beer flights were good, just need to get some normal beer!
Agnieszka Szczepanska
Agnieszka S.
21:41 29 Apr 18
Love this place! Pizzas are for every taste. Some fancy,some just plain, good pizza. S'mores calzone needed 4 people to eat. Great place to eat outside but if you prefer inside, there is a place there too. It is family place so you will see kids running around, sometimes not supervised. definitely great spot. And of course, service is really great
Cynthia Stary-Palatino
Cynthia S.
00:23 29 Apr 18
Finally had the opportunity to give this place a try. Very good pizza, fun atmosphere & great live music. Be sure not to go when you're really hungry. The wait is quite long for your pizza, but worth it!
Serena Marie
Serena M.
16:29 22 Apr 18
Super cool atmosphere and delicious pizza! Boyfriend and I ordered the jabberywocky pizza (basically a supreme pizza) and an order of bread sticks. Both were delicious! The crust is chewy by crispy and the toppings are fantastic; I especially liked the shaved cheese on the breadsticks and the pesto ranch that went with it. Live music was playing inside and outside other music was playing; there’s yard games and picnic tables outside, and an outdoor bar that serves draft beer. I will definitely be back for more pizza and a good time.
Nick Byse
Nick B.
02:37 21 Apr 18
Great pizza, cold drinks, great environment. Truly a place worth spending a couple of hours.
Jimmy Clark
Jimmy C.
00:34 16 Apr 18
This place was highly recommend by our friends. So we took a chance and tried it. WOW the piazza was AWESOME!! We ordered 2 pizza’s. One was taking a little longer than our first one either owner or manage brought our second pizza out and explain that they were training and this pizza was not to her standards or liking that there was to much sauce. It looked amazing to us. She told us that they were making us another and we could have the one that had to much sauce. We were just blown away that she took the time to tell us that it was not up to her standards. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place. Can not wait to go back and try the other items on the menu. Very kid friendly place.
Teri Moltenberry
Teri M.
00:46 15 Apr 18
great pizza and wonderful atmosphere!They also hage beer and wine and salads.The outdoor area is great for kids!
Christi Anna Coats
Christi Anna C.
22:48 14 Apr 18
Excellent food in a brilliant setting! There is not a better to place to eat if you have children!! Thanks for being a family friendly restaurant that has more than chicken tenders 🙌
CJ Johnson
16:15 13 Apr 18
Enjoyed the craft beer selection. This was our second time there and the pizza is amazing. Sometimes there’s live music. And there’s plenty of seating inside and out.
Moani Orstead
Moani O.
00:18 05 Apr 18
I love this place. The pizza is delicious (Black Betty and The Roman) are my faves. Fun atmosphere both in and outdoors. Super friendly staff. Family owned and operated with that Texas hospitality I love. Love the mimosas also
Thomas E. Flores
Thomas E. F.
21:17 31 Mar 18
Went for the first time today, and enjoyed myself. Staff was helpful, and friendly. Pizza and beer was also good
John Phillips
John P.
01:26 18 Mar 18
Great pizza, craft beers and a fun family friendly atmosphere when we were there early evening. Will definitely be back the next time we are in the area!
Susanna Grijalva Villegas
Susanna Grijalva V.
23:47 15 Mar 18
So we pulled up and it was packed...but line moved quickly and well worth the wait!! Pizza was awesome, great atmosphere and music!! Definitely will be back!!
Nidia Jimenez Lowery
Nidia Jimenez L.
22:08 10 Mar 18
We finally got around to checking this out and it did not disappoint! We loved both of our pizzas but The Roman pizza was our favorite. We also had the smore dessert, which wasn’t our favorite - it was hard to share and cut up and suppppper messy. I loooved their lemonade �. I do wish they had ice cream, especially as the weather gets warmer. The atmosphere was awesome and it’s definitely somewhere you’d take out of town guests. It can get really busy (we came right at opening and there was already a line). The parking lot can be tricky once it’s full. I’ll have to admit the first time we visited this restaurant a few months back the wait was so long (over an hour just to place an order) that we left. So definitely know that if you go at peak times you’ll have a long wait. But I’m not going to knock a place for being a success! It’s great to see a local business be so popular �.
Lori L. Bergevin
Lori L. B.
05:31 10 Mar 18
I am visiting in Belton and had the BEST time tonight!! The bartenders were fun, the pizza was delicious & met some wonderful people! The heart of Texas was represented, tonight!!!
Delia Davila Weadon
Delia Davila W.
00:59 10 Mar 18
Loved the atmosphere! The pizza was so good can’t wait to go back again. This is definitely going to be one of our favorite spots!!
Stephanie Diane
Stephanie D.
13:56 07 Mar 18
Pizza was really good it was just a little pricey.
Tony Adams
Tony A.
18:23 04 Mar 18
Talk about a place that is hopping all the time! We got there at noon on Saturday and there was already a line of 20 people waiting to get in. Great pizza, Great atmosphere, and great people! A treasure on the back road between Belton and Harker Heights. Must go to experience and eat great food!
Amanda Mahlstedt
Amanda M.
01:35 03 Mar 18
Tonight was our first time going. Pizza was great, and the staff was friendly. They have an awesome atmosphere that is kid friendly. Had to wait a bit for the food, as the place was pretty busy, but all in all, a great experience. Will definitely go again.
Joan Rushing
Joan R.
18:05 26 Feb 18
Richard Reints
Richard R.
23:48 22 Feb 18
By far the best local pizza. Good atmosphere. Parents and kids loved the pizza. Stop looking and just go here, it's worth the drive.
Emily Lazusky
Emily L.
01:49 19 Feb 18
Uuhhhh-MAZING Pizza! Get the California Dreamin’. 🤤🍕💕 The atmosphere is perfect for a Laidback Saturday Night. Can’t wait to bring all of my family and friends with me soon!!!
Andy New
Andy N.
01:53 18 Feb 18
Great atmosphere and great food. Corn hole, horseshoes, and a fire pit.
Tanja Morton Allen
Tanja Morton A.
19:30 03 Feb 18
Amazing atmosphere!!!! Absolutely hands down the best pizza I’ve eaten!!!! Pizzas were out in a flash as well.... highly recommend and I rarely review anything
Tina Tucker
Tina T.
02:39 29 Jan 18
The restaurant & outdoor seating/play area is amazing! The decor is modern without loosing its warmth. We stayed there for 4 hours & watched the restaurant getting busier, even at its fullest it was still such a relaxing atmosphere. There is something about this place, u feel this it was build with faith, love & passion. Which the passion u can taste in the delicious pizza‘s, even my picky 5 year old inhaled it! If u come for dinner I suggest to come early if u are not willing to wait. Otherwise the view & good selection off wine & beer will make up for it. Wish they had a view signature cocktails.
Sarah Jean Alvarez
Sarah Jean A.
03:21 27 Jan 18
Best place to let the kids play while enjoying great pizza!
Shelly Gonsalves
Shelly G.
23:38 14 Jan 18
Great atmosphere, friendly staff and good food. Would love for them to add a white sauce, chicken spinage pizza!
Chas Miller
Chas M.
23:03 14 Jan 18
Great place! It was our first time there and the pizza was AMAZING! I cannot wait to go back!
Kristen Hackney
Kristen H.
19:06 14 Jan 18
Cute atmosphere, gluten free crust option was good.
David Sullivan
David S.
02:36 14 Jan 18
Very good pizza, fresh ingredients, good service.
Harriet Harper Brodie
Harriet Harper B.
01:32 30 Dec 17
Love their unique pizzas and flavor. The Brumbalow’s have done this all impressively!
Lauren Mcbee
Lauren M.
01:14 30 Dec 17
Brought my son, his friend and my niece last night. They loved it. The staff was crazy nice and even came and explained to the kids that it was taking awhile because they made all their pizzas with love. Food was delicious and boys loved the outdoor area! It was packed on a Thursday night! So glad to see business doing so well! 🖤🍕🖤
AJ West
00:21 10 Dec 17
Amazing time sitting at the outside bar seats with bartenders Alex and Alexia taking care of us. Non-stop laughing all afternoon. Good food, great bartender service, and owners checked-in with us at least 4-5 times the few 3hrs we were there eating and having local craft beers.
Claudia Holland
Claudia H.
22:48 03 Dec 17
The food is amazing and definitely worth the wait. Great place to be with friends to hang out and have fun. You can also bring your family and let the children play outside:)
Veronica Braswell
Veronica B.
03:06 03 Dec 17
Amazing food and the kids had a wonderful time playing outside family friendly, kid friendly place.
Claudia Youngblood Trainum
Claudia Youngblood Trainum
01:35 03 Dec 17
Good pizza, love it...but waited a long time for our food and the beer and wine was a little expensive. ��
John Thomas
John T.
02:03 01 Dec 17
It’s got a rustic feel with modern flare. Good tunes, GREAT pizza, Fire pit, fenced in outdoor area with a life-size playhouse for the kids. Gotta come out here.
Carol Coke Huddle
Carol Coke H.
02:11 27 Nov 17
Went on a Friday night. Very busy. A bit hard to park. Waited in line to order about 30 minutes. Had a great time and the pizza is great!!! Worth waiting for! Bar line is separate. Great place for kids and adults. Has lots of kid friendly games outdoors. Will go again for sure and I will take out of town guests.
Cece Puckett
Cece P.
00:56 27 Nov 17
My new favorite place . food is amazing and the staff are super sweet .
Shanna Carroll Brown
Shanna Carroll B.
22:02 26 Nov 17
Really cute place, great for adults and kids, pizza was fast and delicious, wine was a little too expensive
Leslie Hardage Gilmore
Leslie Hardage G.
20:28 26 Nov 17
We had a ball eating such delicious pizza today! The atmosphere is great...family & adult friendly! Thank you for a great Sunday Funday! ���
Lacy Harrison
Lacy H.
19:45 26 Nov 17
Pizza is delicious, games and playground entertained a 14 year old, 12 year old, two 4 year olds and a 1 year old. Not many places can do that! We did wait about an hour for our food but there were TONS of people and a chalkboard warned you about the wait time before going inside to order. Plus, kids were entertained so waiting wasn’t a struggle � Will definitely go again!
Nikki Conner
Nikki C.
23:48 20 Nov 17
We had a wonderful time here! The pizza is delicious...we had the Harvest Moon, the Fennel Sausage, and the Quattro. All were yummy, and came out super fast! My kids loved the play spaces, and I liked that they were unique...not the typical playground equipment. There are special, thoughtful touches everywhere. We will be back, and I hope this business is very successful!
Ramon Alvarez
Ramon A.
22:44 19 Nov 17
Great food, great family fun and the right selection of Texas craft beers and wines!
Lorena Hampton
Lorena H.
21:55 19 Nov 17
We went early today, for our Sunday lunch. We started with the grilled Italian salad, large enough for both of us to share, and before we could even finish the salad, our pizzas (Rocknrolla & Jabberwocky) made their way to the table. Friendly service from every staff member, and Alis came by to visit and ensure that we were pleased with everything. I assured her it was amazing, and that we are so proud of them for finding & filling a void right here in Belton. The atmosphere is incredible, and the decor somehow simple, yet funky and elegant all at the same time. I can't wait to bring out of town family and friends and show off our new artisan pizzaria! *But mainly looking to come back for the Barry White and Roman on our next visit 🙂
Barbara Maxwell
Barbara M.
21:27 19 Nov 17
We went for the first time this afternoon! Loved the pizzas- we ordered 4 different ones and they were all unique and delicious! Loved the atmosphere -warm and friendly! We'll be back! ❤️
Christy Bates O'Dell
Christy Bates O.
21:09 19 Nov 17
Great atmosphere and the pizza is AMAZING!! Can't wait to go back!
Gabriel Maxwell
Gabriel M.
20:20 19 Nov 17
Amazing pizza and a very friendly family restaurant!
Michelle Vernon
Michelle V.
11:29 19 Nov 17
Best pizza around and great customer service! They have a great atmosphere, and its very family friendly, with outdoor activities for all!
Becky Lynn
Becky L.
03:06 19 Nov 17
The pizza is awesome.. will definitely go back many times.. keep in mind it isn’t fast food it is great handmade pizza so there is a wait. Many outdoor activities especially for younger ones!
Heidi Renee Powell
Heidi Renee P.
18:08 18 Nov 17
Great Atmosphere, Great Staff, Delicious Pizza ... Love This Fun Place!!!
Ben Gillilan
Ben G.
16:33 18 Nov 17
Went last night with bunch of friends....was not disappointed! Pizza was amazing and the great beer from Barrow was just what we were looking for. Take care Critter he's good to have around.
Karen McElyea
Karen M.
17:44 17 Nov 17
OMG I tried Firestreet Pizza for the 1st time (could never catch them out when I was available)and I was surely missing out. I had the Barry White and WOW AMAZING!!! the Lemonade was truly the Best lemonade I have ever had.The pizza was AMAZING!!! This truly is some GREAT tasting Pizza and some Beautiful owners and family!!! Cant wait to go and get some more!!
Pamela Tarrant Neves
Pamela Tarrant N.
01:26 17 Nov 17
Roman pizza was my favorite! Good people, rustic family friendly atmosphere, music and wine. It was all good! �
April Wickman
April W.
02:29 13 Nov 17
I enjoyed our first visit! Our order came out wrong but they quickly corrected it and gave the kiddos dessert! Kids loved the playground and pizza or course. Thanks for creating something special for Bell county. I look forward to visiting again.
Linda Altum Price
Linda Altum P.
01:46 13 Nov 17
It was amazing They have it perfectedBest pizza everWill definitely be back and telling everyone about it
Shannon Pentico
Shannon P.
04:08 12 Nov 17
Great atmosphere. Great food. We will go back!
Kristin Morris
Kristin M.
19:54 11 Nov 17
Literally the best pizza in Bell County. Not to mention two of the coolest owners you could ever meet.
Cody Sulak
Cody S.
19:26 11 Nov 17
One word: AMAZING!Reviews must be 50 characters.
Ursula Bickham Halsig
Ursula Bickham H.
17:49 11 Nov 17
Absolutely love their pizza!!! So happy they have a permanent structure.
Jill Warne
Jill W.
02:02 11 Nov 17
Wonderful place!! Great atmosphere for families! We will be back!
Roger Parnell
Roger P.
17:31 06 Nov 17
Excellent pizza with fresh ingredients, atmosphere fun casual, free entertainment featuring connect four, horse shoes, swings and play ground for kids, indoor/outdoor seating. Local people selling local beer and doing things right. Very cool place, I would highly recommend it. This is craft beer and gourmet pizza so expect to pay a little more. The place is perfect for date night, place to take the kids or out of town guest. Thank me later 🙂
Keri Anelundi
Keri A.
21:19 05 Nov 17
Happen to see my co-worker’s post when she checked in this morning and decided to check it out for ourselves. It’s a super cute place, friendly service, great food/beer with a wonderful ambiance. They have a full music stage, beer garden, playground, giant connect four, giant jenga, horseshoes, cornhole and other outdoor games. The owners personally stopped by to thank us for stopping by and gave some insight to their dream actually becoming a reality. So happy it did. Will definitely be visiting again soon!!
Nate Russell
Nate R.
17:48 05 Nov 17
Love the new location as much as I already loved the pizza! If you're looking for the best pizza in Central Texas, Fire Street is where it's at!!!
Steve Brewer
Steve B.
03:44 05 Nov 17
Amazing pizza and a great bar for microbrews. I'll definetly be back!
Berry Hammerschmidt
Berry H.
20:30 04 Nov 17
If you havnt tried it yet your missing out !!! Best place in town to relax eat drink amd kid friendly
Bill Picot
Bill P.
19:51 04 Nov 17
Great food great atmosphere and great people. I highly recommend It!
Dorothy Payne
Dorothy P.
02:43 04 Nov 17
Pizza 🍕 is good stuff! Great place for a family outing and friends night out.
Gwenn Arthur Groves
Gwenn Arthur G.
00:26 31 Oct 17
It’s was a super good pizza . We got two more pizza to go for supper this past Sunday. We will definitely be back to eat again
Stephanie Austin Blankenship
Stephanie Austin B.
18:39 30 Oct 17
Love to support local businesses...pizza was great and think the atmosphere is laid back and fun. Great family spot.
Mary Reid
Mary R.
12:04 30 Oct 17
It was delicious and we only live about 1/4 mile from there. Plan on going more often. Wish you all the best of luck!
Denise Kahookele
Denise K.
00:36 30 Oct 17
We went to the soft opening and the pizza was excellent! The place was packed and very busy, however the staff maintained excellent service and never showed a lack of friendliness. We will definitely be back!
Robert Ruiz
Robert R.
23:05 29 Oct 17
Amazing pizza I tried 4 different pizzas and enjoyed each of them. I would like to see them get a darker beer in the craft beer selection. The beer I tried was good. I will be back for sure.
Sherri Ruiz
Sherri R.
22:48 29 Oct 17
Delicious!!! A group of us went and between us we tried 4 different pizza and the Martini salad. My favorite is the My Sharonia which features pepperoni. However followed closely by the pizza which I can't remember the name of but featured feta and pear. OMG amazing!!! Friendly staff and the owner came around to check on everyone. I can't wait to try all the pizza. Loved it, loved it and loved it!!!
Peter Tranquillo
Peter T.
18:03 29 Oct 17
Was there for the soft opening, they were bust as bust can be. Waited a long time for the pizza, but being from the pizza capitol of the country (new haven, ct). I have to say it was worth the wait, definitely no compromise on quality, even as the staff looked like they had just run a marathon there smiles a plenty and great food. Can’t wait to come again when the lines die down. Great job on making real pizza (and I normally do not like artisan pizza) in a real wood fired brick oven.
John Cooney
John C.
01:56 29 Oct 17
Great Pizza .. Great fun Looking forward to going again
Rhonda Kindley Hershey
Rhonda Kindley H.
14:03 23 Oct 17
We were on our way home from Harker Heights Saturday night and saw they had a trial opening for 2 hours to train the staff so we HAD to stop! I'm so excited for them to be open-the staff is friendly, the food wonderful (and fast), Alis and Jason both visited with us and made us feel welcome. I can't wait to bring all our family there! It's more than a place to eat--it's an experience! Welcome to the neighborhood!
Ashlie Pearson
Ashlie P.
23:18 20 Oct 17
Fire Street is THE new place in Belton! The atmosphere made me feel so at home, and the food was incredible!
Splash Vela
Splash V.
20:43 19 Oct 17
Fire Street Pizza is worth the trip, the pies, and the Brumbalow"s. Get there as fast as you can!!!
Charissa Martin
Charissa M.
18:31 22 Sep 17
Best pizza I have ever had! My mom and I split the Tailgater pizza and the Roman pizza! I highly recommend both, so flavorful and so so delicious! Can't wait to try different ones!
Cynthia Hernandez
Cynthia H.
21:22 25 Aug 17
So i seen this fire street mobil a few times so today mom and i decided to stop and im sure glad we did .. I have to say the Tailgate pizza was D E L I C I O U S! !!!!!! ... IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME GO TRY IT BUT MAKE SURE YOU TAKE EXTRA MONEY CAUSE ONE PIZZA ISN'T ENOUGH THAT HOW YUMMY THEY ARE. ���
Lita Nicholson Daniel
Lita Nicholson D.
18:25 16 Aug 17
Absolutely delicious. I love the thin crispy crust.
Emily Tipton Simeroth
Emily Tipton S.
16:06 10 Jun 17
This is pizza you will CRAVE!! Soooo deliciously good!!!
Karen McKenzie
Karen M.
23:42 26 May 17
Awesome! Hard to recommend just one! Had Roman tonight. Highly recommend! The crew is so friendly!
Rosanna Sanchez
Rosanna S.
00:15 20 May 17
I am not a pizza person, BUT we drove 45 mins to get pizza from these awesome people!! Best. Pizza. Ever!!
Vanessa Jan Pleban
Vanessa Jan P.
13:36 07 May 17
Best pizza ever!!! Crispy crust and the flavors are phenomenal!
Julie Jones
Julie J.
19:45 05 Apr 17
Great great pizza and service! Will definitely have it again.
Jesica Kinney Lewis
Jesica Kinney L.
04:34 01 Apr 17
My favorite pizza! I'm craving it now! I can't wait for.the resteraunt to open!
Cari Starritt-Burnett
Cari S.
22:17 29 Mar 17
The woodfired crust is the best part, but the toppings are fresh and so good. Better than any pizza I've ever had! And I love that they are local people.
Paige Powell Rendon
Paige Powell R.
19:14 29 Mar 17
Absolutely delicious from the first bite to the last! I will definitely go back again!
Henry Holloway
Henry H.
17:30 10 Mar 17
Absolutely Amazing!!!! Best pizza in central Texas for sure.
Ivy Gestaut
Ivy G.
21:50 03 Mar 17
Always delicious and fresh! I've tried pretty much every other pizza place in the area, and none can even compare. Plus, the owners and staff are genuine, friendly people. They deserve your business (and you deserve awesome pizza)!
All Heart
All H.
18:12 17 Feb 17
Super fresh and just plain good! And the staff is really friendly.
Ursula Hentschel Garza
Ursula Hentschel G.
22:11 10 Feb 17
So good! I tried the Margherita, Quattro, and Brooklyn and they were all great. I can't wait to try the specialty pizzas.
Jennifer Kirtley
Jennifer K.
20:43 10 Feb 17
very tasty pizza and very friendly crew! my daughter and i get our dance on when we visit. fresh ingredients and pizza isn't greasy. the crust is perfect. but wish they had little cups though to drizzle in a little olive oil to dip my crusts into. tasty crust deserves some tasty dipping oil 😄 thanks fire street crew, y'all are doing awesome!
Marci Morgan-Winkler
Marci M.
18:38 28 Jan 17
So so so so good!! If you have not tried it you are missing out!!!
Alyssa Legg
Alyssa L.
00:56 28 Jan 17
My fiance and I stopped two weeks ago because we had heard nothing but great things about the pizza and the people. We had ordered a classic pepperoni and the special which was "RocknRolla". It was AMAZING! Sad to it go... but excited to see what next! I love how friendly everyone was on that windy day! They were happy to explain everything to us and made us feel very welcome! I love going to local places! They show that they truly love what they are doing! The pizzas they make are one of a kind and very well thought out! Can't wait to go back!
Lacy Adams Wagoner
Lacy Adams W.
18:21 26 Jan 17
Delicious pizza and everyone was so nice!!! Highly recommend because who doesn't love pizza and great atmosphere!
Jacob Baker
Jacob B.
02:30 24 Jan 17
Definitely a fun time and tasted great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mary Anderson
Mary A.
00:00 21 Jan 17
Tried this pizza � for the 1st time today and it is sooooo good..... we will "for sure " be getting it again!!!!!
Maribel Arizmendi Martinez
Maribel Arizmendi M.
22:50 14 Jan 17
This place has awesome pizza. The people are friendly and the service was fast. Hot pizza made to order! Definitely recommend it!
Doris Brazzale
Doris B.
18:24 30 Dec 16
A piece of home in town!!!!! Pizza is amazing! Can't wait for your restaurant to open!Only one thing: pizza is too small!!!!���
Jason Hodnick
Jason H.
21:03 29 Dec 16
AWESOME! great Pizza, fresh ingredients.Best Pizza in town.
Marcos Duran
Marcos D.
18:42 24 Dec 16
Went there on my birthday as I just happened to stumble across their Facebook page. They set up shop at the West Temple Community Park on Wednesdays (11am-2pm) and Fridays (11am-6pm). I ordered the standard pepperoni (as I usually do at my first time a new pizza place) and ordered my wife a Margheritaville. Made with fresh ingredients on the spot cooked in their traveling wood-fired oven and ready in a quick turn around. Pies are 8" and offered at great price. One of the owners told me that they would be partnering with Barrow Brewing and alternating Friday & Saturdays in 2017. EVEN BETTER!!!!!! Super nice people that are worth your time and support.
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca S.
17:39 24 Dec 16
We love Fire Street Pizza. Very tasty and my kids love it! They are very friendly and make you feel like the most important person while you are there getting some great food. I highly recommend checking them out!
Thuy Truong Bui
Thuy Truong B.
04:04 12 Dec 16
Several co-workers and I have been meaning to try this place for months, but I finally had the chance to go with hubby. We had the California Dreamin' and the Roman, which were both oh so delicious. I didn't think we'd find pizza that we enjoyed as much as in Italy, but this truly is that good! We will most definitely be back! Already raved about it to my co-workers 🙂
Robert Prestin
Robert P.
19:42 26 Nov 16
Best pizza in town by far. Amazing owners and staff!!!!!! If I could hit 10 stars I would!!!!!! Thank you for being in my neighborhood Wednesday and Friday. Gets me through hump day and fires off my weekend with a great start. Job well done.
Summer LeAnn Sheets
Summer LeAnn S.
03:10 20 Nov 16
What a nifty lil place!! Me (and both of my picky kids) LOVED the pizza and atmosphere. We will definitely be returning!
Danny Bass
Danny B.
21:16 18 Nov 16
Amazing pizza. My first time stopping by but I will be back.
Alexandria Carattini
Alexandria C.
22:23 16 Nov 16
This pizza is so good! The staff is very friendly!
Elisa Finch
Elisa F.
22:22 05 Nov 16
My husband and I are originally from Chicago. We moved to Waco over a year ago. Tried many many pizza in the area and not the same. Drove to Killeen to try your pizza and it was like home. Thank you!!! Your pizza was our home sick cure!!!!
Kelly Dunn
Kelly D.
17:08 05 Nov 16
This is the first time I had fire street pizza and it was amazing. Will be for sure having it again.
Laura Griffin
Laura G.
19:54 04 Nov 16
Best pizza ever!! Owners and staff very friendly! Could eat their pizza everyday ��
Valerie Fore
Valerie F.
18:58 30 Oct 16
I had this pizza for the first time last night at the Grand Avenue Theater Halloween Party, and it was incredible! I will definitely be seeking them out wherever food trucks can be found!
Sarah McGehee
Sarah M.
18:23 29 Oct 16
Absolutely amazing pizza. I had the Roman and would eat it everyday, if I could. My husband and I had been wanting to stop by and finally had the chance yesterday. Fantastic pizza. We were not disappointed and will be back!
Kelsey Thomas
Kelsey T.
16:15 29 Oct 16
Delicious! Fresh ingredients! The crust is AH-mazing and their customer service was wonderful! We will be back for sure!!
Vicki Balthrop Brubaker
Vicki Balthrop B.
22:33 28 Oct 16
Awesome pizza with great flavor! I can't wait to try another!!! UPDATE: We visited their new restaurant today (Nov 4), it is a great place for all ages! The location makes it even more enjoyable! It has a family-friendly outdoor area that is huge! Of course, the pizza is still delicious and the service is great! What a friendly atmosphere! Good music, too! For those of you thinking it's too far out.... it's worth it!!!!! Great location!
Brandon Hessing
Brandon H.
18:49 28 Oct 16
I'm pretty picky when it comes to pizza, and this is the ABSOLUTE BEST pizza you will find ANYWHERE!! Wish I could catch them more often!
Angela Peik
Angela P.
14:56 28 Oct 16
The best pizza ever. I drive all the way from Moody just to get their pizza
Dylan Kempf
Dylan K.
19:30 27 Oct 16
A co-worker and I visited Fire Street Pizza yesterday while they were set up in West Temple by the fire station. First off, the people were awesome...great service. Most importantly the pizza was exceptional with fresh ingredients! I would love to have a larger size:)Highly recommend you search out this business because you will not be disappointed.
John Gaddis
John G.
19:04 26 Oct 16
Fresh, hot, fast and delicious! Try them out! Both pies that I tried were spot on! Margaritaville and The Pepperoni! Keep up the good job!
Sandra Hunt
Sandra H.
18:12 21 Oct 16
You knocked it out of the park with Barry White!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
Paul Wilson
Paul W.
18:02 19 Oct 16
Try this place out!
Robbie Prestin
Robbie P.
02:15 15 Oct 16
Pizza was the best I have ever had! Everyone was welcoming and nice! Food was ordered and made fast and tasted like nothing else! Plus the drinks are so good! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
Zach Kline
Zach K.
19:56 08 Oct 16
Friendly, fast, and taste fantastic! They have a good variety of stranded menu items and a rotating special.
Dekrev Goon
Dekrev G.
21:35 06 Oct 16
If you like pizza - you've come to the right place.
Grant Birdwell
Grant B.
14:03 06 Oct 16
Fantastic folks with fantastic pizza! If you haven't tried them, it's a must-do!
Marc Henn
Marc H.
17:36 24 Sep 16
Love their pizza!!! So good so fast. With their fire oven it makes the crust taste amazing. They are also super friendly and it feels like a party is going on every time I visit.
Adam Soorholtz
Adam S.
16:51 24 Sep 16
Found them are Lakewood, West Temple Park, Santa Fe Depot, & Texell. Solid oven cooked pizza every time.
Scott Silvas
Scott S.
17:27 23 Sep 16
In my humble opinion it's the best pizza in town!!!
Lance McEwan
Lance M.
23:52 11 Sep 16
Very authentic wood fired, brick oven pizza. Delicious. I look forward to the next time y'all are in town.
Stephanie Hall Garberich
Stephanie Hall G.
02:02 11 Sep 16
I lived in Rome, Italy for 7 years and was looking to try Fire Street Pizza but could never find them. I ran into them tonite at the Harker Heights Food and Wine Festival. I ordered a harvest moon with prosciutto. The crust was cooked perfectly, which is hard to do in an oven like they have (either it gets charred to a crisp or tastes like dough with bread crumbs attached to it). The toppings were fresh and left me wanting more with every bite. This is the best pizza I've had in the US since moving back from Italy. I will be stalking them from now on to get pizza. And booking private parties with them for sure!!!
Michael Dyer
Michael D.
17:47 10 Aug 16
Been following Fire Street Pizza for a few months now hoping to catch them and I finally did today! Pizza was amazing! Had the More Cowbell pizza and it was delicious! The taste is autheintic and crust is super crispy! I loved how the cheese actually "stringed" when you pulled it away! Everyone working there was very friendly and energetic even though it was schorching hot outside! Fast service too! This place is the bomb and can't wait to try it again!
Ashley Daniel
Ashley D.
16:08 25 Jul 16
Yesterday Fire Street catered my little ones first birthday party. Alis and Her husband were beyond friendly! All my guest had stories to share about them and how they got started in their business and how their recipes came about. All anyone could talk about at the party was Fire Street! The pizza is AMAZING!!!!!we will definitely use Fire Street again! Sweet friendly people who can bake DELICIOUS PIZAA!
Kappy Kap
Kappy K.
22:31 21 May 16
honestly never had a better pizza. if you've never had a brick oven pizza you just don't know what you're missing. glad we have one in central Texas now.
Daron Stinson
Daron S.
17:59 03 May 16
Absolutely amazing! Hard to go back to boring old Pizza Hut after having their wood fire deliciousness!
JohnJohn Montelongo
JohnJohn M.
14:24 01 May 16
Had some last night at Blooming Fest..Pepperoni classic was Top Notch.5 stars and then Some..
Jeanne Starnes Cook
Jeanne Starnes C.
20:01 04 Apr 16
The absolute BEST! Love the high quality fresh ingredients and amazing crust...all fired to perfection! Great team too!!
Charlotte Walker Davis
Charlotte Walker D.
18:54 03 Apr 16
Absolutely delicious!!!!! We loved every bite. I had the new Harvest Moon and it was amazing!!! Thank you Alis and Jason!!!
Amanda Longbotham
Amanda L.
21:55 23 Jan 16
Seriously one of the best pizzas!!! Very fast service!
Chris Pearson
Chris P.
05:57 14 Nov 15
Best people in the area! Fun and different flavors!All are a must to try.
Stacie Kern Dishon
Stacie Kern D.
17:43 13 Nov 15
The best pizza!!!
Teresa Ingram McCoy
Teresa Ingram M.
21:51 12 Nov 15
You gotta love Fire Street Pizza!!! Different than anything else around. Delicious! Nice selection of pizzas too! The energy of the owners, Alis and Jason Brumbalow, is an added bonus!!!
Sheri Barr Macchi
Sheri Barr M.
00:18 28 Sep 15
Loved it, please open so we can get your pizza more often!
Kristy West
Kristy W.
11:04 27 Sep 15
Best pizza I've ever had. #handsdown #nojoke #backyardpizzadonewentlegit #RomanRomanRoman #nolinetoolong
Clay J Nathaniel
Clay J N.
03:37 03 Aug 15
Brooklyn. Very good! I love the way you cook it and i look forward to eating it again with the family. 🙂
Jolenne Friedman
Jolenne F.
23:07 02 Aug 15
Fantastic pizza, fantastic people! Highly recommended!
Bunnie Pate Palomino
Bunnie Pate P.
01:29 02 Aug 15
The most amazing pizza I have ever eaten! Definitely a MUST try!!
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