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Private Restaurant Event DETAILS:

  • Full Venue Rental (2 Hours - Restaurant, Stage, Beer Carden, Game Yard, Playground, ParkinG lots)
  • 4 Pizza Choices
  • All You Can drink Sodas & Tea 
  • Bar & Alcohol Not included
  • Minimum 75 ppl: $1950  ($26/pp)
  • Over 75 ppl, (per person): $22/pp
  • Caesar Salad Add on (SERVED FAMILY STYLE) : $3/pp 

All RESTAURANT EVENT packages include additional costs such as:

  • Extra Food Service Hours: $350
  • 6.75% Sales Tax
  • 18% Gratuity
  • 3% Convenience fee for Credit Card / debit card payments
  • Any Extras added by Customer


BASIC On-Location Private Event:
  • Truck Rental (2-Hours at your location)
  • 3 Pizza Choices
  • Bottled Water
  • Minimum 50 ppl: $900
  • Over 50 ppl, (per person): $15

DELUXE On-Location Private Event:
  • Truck Rental (2-Hours at your location)
  • 4 Pizza Choices
  • Caesar Salad
  • Sodas & Bottled Water
  • Minimum 75 ppl: $1650
  • Over 75 ppl, (per person): $18

All  FOOD TRUCK packages include additional costs such as:
  • Travel over 20 miles: $3 per mile
  • Extra Food Service Hours: $250
  • 8.25% Sales Tax
  • 18% Gratuity
  • 3% Convenience fee for Credit Card / debit card payments
  • 50% deposit is due to secure the date, services, and pricing. Date/event is not secured until deposit is received and contract is signed.
  • Balance is due 30 days from date of the event. Please note, the event date and services are no longer guaranteed if the balance is not paid in full 30 days in advance of the Service date.

Currently Fire Street Pizza's on-site restaurant (both indoor and outdoor use) is only available for rent on Wednesday evenings. (Occasionally we are available for private parties on Sunday evenings but the start time begins at 5:30pm at the earliest - the 5:30 time is also the earliest the client is able to come onto the grounds to begin decorating, etc. as we have a cleaning crew until 5:30 who are cleaning from Sunday's food service)

Details: Rental & catering begins with a 2 hour rental and that includes a two hour food service of our fresh pizza buffet and refillable non alcoholic beverages. Our max guest count, is 200. For guest count over 100, a third hour of food service is required. Additional hours are each $350 + tax and gratuity. Upon booking if additional time is needed, that is added to the contract.

If guest count is over 200, we do have a package but it will include both the indoor kitchen and the food truck.

Upon booking, the client will choose up to 4 predetermined pizzas from our menu and guests will enjoy slices from the selections (as opposed to each guest receiving their own pizza). The buffet will last the two hours, or less if everyone has eaten. This is not a sit down table-service catering option where all guests are served at one time.

For convenience, out menu is located here
On-Site Catering Package

The minimum guest count to rent the restaurant is 75 people.
Includes refillable non alcoholic drinks (water, tea, sodas).
Private access to restaurant & play yard and outdoor games.

The on-site catering and food service for 75 guests begins at $2,493 and includes tax and gratuity for the food service staff. This is an estimate and if you are interested, we will be happy to discuss a more customized quote.

To lock in an event, a contract is signed & the balance is paid. The balance is due 30 days out from the event. For events being booked within the 30 days, payment in full is due at the time the contract is signed.

To hold a date that is over 30 days out, a 50% deposit and signed contract are required (yes the deposit goes towards the balance and is not in addition to). Again, only when the balance is paid and the contract is signed will the event be locked in.
Client and guests are able to enter at the predetermined time and enjoy the restaurant and grounds in a private environment.

Bartender services are additional. Upon booking let us know if a bartender will be needed. The only additional charge for a bartender are the drink purchases. The bartender will rely on gratuity from their bar sales. Please note, the bartender does not receive gratuity from the gratuity listed on the contract (bartenders are a separate service). The client can choose to have a cash bar option or the client can choose to pay for their guests' drinks. If the client does choose to pay for guest drinks, please note that gratuity of at least 18% is suggested. Due to Texas law, absolutely no outside alcohol can be brought in or consumed on the entire property. Only alcohol that is purchased at the bar can be present on site and must remain within the fenced area.

All prices that are quoted in this Catering Agreement for the amount of food that will be prepared are for the number of people noted above. If the attendance is greater than the Number of Guests agreed upon, the Client agrees that the Caterer cannot guarantee that adequate food will be available for all persons attending. If actual Number of Guests is more than agreed upon then the Caterer reserves the right to charge for any additional attending guests. Client will notify the Caterer no later than 14 calendar days, via email, prior to the event with any increase in guest count. If actual Number of Guests is less than agreed upon, the Caterer will receive payment for contract’s agreed-upon guest count.

The Caterer hereby reserves the right to make small adjustments to the menu if certain ingredients are not available due to reasons that are beyond the Caterer’s control.

The Client shall pay the Caterer in accordance with the provided invoices in this document.

Caterer only supplies eating utensils and food supplies & storage for the set menu items and food prepared on site. If Client brings in outside food, they are responsible for clean up and bringing additional serving tools (example – plates, utensils, etc). Due to cross contamination and health permits, outside food may not be stored within the restaurant kitchen.


Client agrees to honor all Addendums. Client agrees to pay for damages incurred to the property due to self, guest, or third party damages. Staff Will Not Move Client Property or Assist Third Parties: The Venue and Catering staff do not move property or assist in customizing the venue for a Client. The Venue and Catering staff is solely available to prepare Fire Street food and drink and to bus after guests eat Fire Street food and drink.

Client (and Client-hired Third Parties) Will Not Move Venue or Catering Property: Unless a signed Addendum is completed at the time of the initial contract’s signing, The Client may Not rearrange furniture or equipment. This includes, and is not limited to, moving any existing seating, equipment, decorations, etc. Clients wishing to move any items must first express changes in writing and receive written approval from Fire Street / Caterer.

Third parties who are hired by Client are not permitted to move or rearrange property without prior written consent from Fire Street / Caterer. It is the responsibility of the Client to relay this policy to all parties prior to the event date.

Requests made after the contract is signed may be denied by Fire Street / Caterer.

Lifting Fee begins at $350 (plus tax): This fee is paid in full at the time of event. In the event property or equipment is moved, without permission, there will be a charge which begins at $350 (plus tax).

Abnormally Dirty Clean Up Fee begins at $250 (plus tax): This fee is paid in full at the time of event. Abnormally Dirty Clean Up Fee is $250 (plus tax) when any part of the venue or venue grounds are left abnormally dirty.

Example of items Not Allowed into the Venue: glitter, spillage, confetti, pinatas, water guns, water slides, jump houses.
Examples of practices that are Not Allowed, plate stomping, smash cakes, pinata bashing, fireworks and sparklers.

Outsourcing / Hiring Third Parties: Prior to arrival, it is policy that Fire Street holds the right to approve or disapprove of any third parties. Fire Street has the right to refuse due to current liability limitations, legal limitations, noise disruption, harmful exposure, lewd or illegal activities, or if the third party represents questionable content due to exposure (questionable content example but not limited to are strippers, stripper performances will not be permitted at the Venue).

The agreement and payment are between the Client and the third party. Fire Street is not responsible for paying any outside sources. The Client acknowledges that moving, loading, transporting, bringing in decorations, bringing in food or non alcoholic beverages, hiring outside staff or talent, and unloading items at the venue creates certain risks to the venue, property and persons. In particular, property can be broken, dropped, scraped, torn, scratched, lost, cake storage is not guaranteed and is not the responsibility of the Caterer or Venue, etc., including risks to flooring, walls, grounds, food and drink, and equipment. Client accepts full financial and liability for Client’s outsourced and third party persons. Unless on a written approved Addendum that is signed at the initial contract signing, The Client may not hire outside staff, third parties, or talent.


If the catered event is cancelled 60 days or more, from the event, by the Client, then the Caterer will receive 0 % of the total estimated charges for the cancelled event.

If the catered event is cancelled in less than 60 days from the event by the Client, then the Caterer will receive 50% of the total estimated charges for the cancelled event.

If the catered event is cancelled on or less than 30 days before the day of the event, by the Client, then the Caterer will receive 100% of the total estimated charges for the cancelled event.

If the catered event is cancelled due to inclement weather, force majeure, or powers beyond the client / caterer’s control, on or less than 72 hours before the day of the event, then the Caterer will receive 50% of the total estimated charges for the cancelled event.

Client releases and agrees to fully hold harmless and indemnify, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Fire Street, LLC, its trustees, owners, managers, officers, employees and agents from any and all claims or liabilities incident to or arising out of the Caterer’s involvement in any way in, but not limited to, preparing, catering and providing food services.

The client is responsible for notifying, in writing prior to the event, the caterer of any food restrictions or of allergies.

The Caterer will maintain a general liability insurance policy during the term of this Catering Contract. In the event of a delay caused by inclement weather, fire, flood, strike or other labor dispute, acts of God, acts of Governmental officials or agencies, or any other cause beyond the control of the Caterer, the Caterer’s performance is excused hereunder for the periods of time attributable to such a delay, which may extend beyond the time lost due to one or more of the causes mentioned above.

If either party brings a suit or other action against the other to enforce this Catering Contract or seek for damages with respect to the default of above listed obligations. The party that is ruled in favor shall be due the recovery of all costs and reasonable attorney fees.

All TABC and TX laws will be followed and enforced during the event. It is against the law for guests to bring in alcohol to the property. It is against the law for guests to consume alcohol outside of designated areas. Guests who arrive visibly intoxicated and/ or visibly impaired will not be served alcohol and cannot stay on premises. Guests who become visibly intoxicated and/ or visibly impaired will not be served alcohol and cannot stay on premises. All guests are held to TABC, TX Laws and house rules for alcohol sales and consumption. No person under 21 can purchase or consume alcohol at this property. All guests who purchase alcohol must be 21 and also must be a member of the private club, per TABC law. Clients requesting bar services are asked to arrange with Caterer prior to the event so that staffing can be made available. All alcohol sales are separate and are in addition to any agreed upon pricing for the venue rental, food services, or other. All alcohol pricing is before sales tax and gratuity.

This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas in Bell County and any applicable Federal Law.