Want a 'next-level' pizza? Easy. Just add fire.

Want a 'next-level' pizza? Easy. Just add fire.

Want a 'next-level' pizza? Easy. Just add fire.

Want a 'next-level' pizza? Easy. Just add fire.


Fire Street Pizza is a mobile, wood-fired pizza trailer serving handcrafted, from scratch, naturally leavened wood fired pizza, fresh imaginative sides and craft drinks, serving the Belton, Temple and surrounding Central Texas areas.

By offering local ingredient selection and a fun mobile food unit atmosphere, Fire Street gives you a fresh, fired-up alternative to pizza.

Our flagship product features traditional, Neapolitan-style, delicate crust pizza baked in a blistering-hot, oak wood-fired pizza oven. The result is a lightly crisp, nicely chewy crust with a hint of smoke which allows the full flavor of the quality toppings to emerge.

Because we believe in GOOD pizza…

5 years ago: A husband called out to his wife, “Honey? – We just bought a 2,000lb wood fired pizza oven.”

Overwhelmed by his obsession to create an unforgettably delicious pizza, he knew that baking pizzas on a wood fired pizza oven was the only answer to reaching that mystical smokey flavor in a pizza that only a wood oven can deliver.  There was no better way to achieve a fresh, mouth-watering product.

She just blinked at him… because surely there was a punch line. 


Knowing he was on to a successful plan, she jumped on board and hosted years of pizza parties as they honed in on their recipes.  Using local produce ensures that the fresh ingredients take over your taste buds, not to mention, buying local supports our community.

Present Day: A husband called out to his wife, “Honey? – We just bought a wood fired pizza TRAILER.”

Over the years, the high school sweethearts have grown together and found a combined passion for creating wonderful foods. Of all the foods they created, they landed on pizzas because, well, pizzas have all the necessary food groups combined into one awesome pie! And who doesn’t want to eat a well-balanced meal pizza?

Pizza is about good food, good times and good people. We strive every day to turn our pizza creations into a fun, inviting experience for everyone.

We believe in GOOD pizza, and you will too.



Email: info@firestreetpizza.com
Serving the Belton, Temple and surrounding CenTex areas.

Call: (512) 910-4676

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